Vaessen Industries

The industrial career of entrepreneur Jos Vaessen began in 1975 with the establishment of VASCO. VASCO proved to be spot on. Even more than that, within Europe it became an innovative company in the area of high-quality decorative radiators. This fact was not missed by the American Masco, an important world player in the building sector. This multinational acquired VASCO in 1998. Jos Vaessen himself knew to add Kreon and E-MAX to his portfolio, which Limeparts was already a part of.

In 2008 this story took an unexpected turn when Jos Vaessen acquired The Heating Company from Masco. The Heating Company actually consists of various brands, including VASCO. So VASCO once again returns to the guidance of Jos Vaessen. After ten years, VASCO radiators are once again 100% Belgian top design!

Why not then unite all of these industrial activities and shares and capitalize on the synergy that results? With that goal in mind, Vaessen Industries was founded shortly thereafter. The group focusses on the building sector and aims to offer added value in the areas of design, energy-efficiency and the reuse of raw materials.

The headquarters of Vaessen Industries is located in Dilsen-Stokkem (Belgium), but their ambition clearly reaches much further afield than that. Currently, the group counts 8 production units and is active in 4 countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey). In fact, it is active in 14 countries by way of its 35 subsidiaries.

An important part of Vaessen Industries is Vasco Group. This group consists of 4 production facilities and as many heavy-hitting brands:

  • VASCO: design radiators, underfloor heating and ventilation
  • Thermic: design radiators
  • Brugman: panel radiators and underfloor heating
  • Superia: panel radiators

As you've noticed, the range of offerings from The Heating Company is much broader than just radiators. Also in the areas of underfloor heating and ventilation, the group has built up a great deal of know-how and experience.

But also take a look for a minute at the other companies that make up Vaessen Industries: Kreon, Limeparts and E-Max.

  • Kreon is an innovative manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures. Kreon tools of light distinguishes itself by its totally alternative approach to the concept of lighting. Light is an essential element in architecture, and it uses the architecture as a carrier. These minimalistically designed fixtures create space for a interplay of light and shadow. Under the name Kreon ceiling solutions, Kreon offers total solutions—modular systems in which lighting, climate control, electricity and data cabling are combined in one compact layer.
  • Limeparts (Belgium) is a specialist in façade cladding. The company plays an important role in the project-related finishing of buildings, both in Belgium and abroad. The company from Genk has acquired a good deal of expertise and knowledge in the area of façade development according to the cassette system and has at its disposal unrivalled expertise the area of façade materials. Limeparts continues to develop these strengths and in doing so focuses a great deal of effort in integral quality care.
  • E-MAX is a substantial international player in the development and elaboration of aluminium solutions. Sustainability is a key element in all aspects of this company. E-MAX applies the ‘closed loop principal’. A closed system, from cradle to cradle, without having to sacrifice the strength, quality or aesthetics of its end products. E-MAX has two production sites. The extrusion of aluminium occurs in Dilsen (Belgium), and the foundry is in Kerkrade (Netherlands).