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Purity of design, now also electric

Electric heating is a hot topic. Year on year, the demand from installers and consumers for innovative electric heating solutions continues to rise. As insulating PV panels in our home continue to improve, electric heating provides an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution. Electric heating works on the plug-and-play principle, i.e. without the invasive need for drilling, channeling or maintenance work. These solutions also respect Vasco’s time-honoured tradition of paying the utmost attention to efficiency, design and ease of use.

This new aluminium designer radiator combines all the benefits of electric heating with purity of design - a real must-have for those who love a minimalist look! During the development process of the Beams Mono-EL, the Vasco designers had to pull out all the stops to be able to integrate an electrical resistance in the sleek vertical profiles (width 150 mm). The profiles were fitted with additional fins to increase the heat output. There’s also a cover panel at the back, in the same colour as the front, which houses the electrical resistance. As a result, the radiator can be maximum heated - obviously with the option of automatically regulating the surface temperature according to your needs.


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