Heat pump + radiators = a good idea? It certainly is!

Scenario 1: old radiators

Old radiators work best at high temperatures. Given that a heat pump usually produces low temperatures, the two do not appear to be a good match. However, there are so-called high temperature heat pumps that you can connect up to your existing radiators easily. Those pumps also directly provide domestic warm water. A handy solution for those who want to heat the sustainable way with their old radiators.

Scenario 2: new radiators

A low temperature heat pump goes together perfectly with recent, high-quality radiators like the Vasco designer radiators. The combination allows you to save the most energy: in a well-insulated house you can lower your energy consumption by no less than 30 percent with low temperature heating. NB: the lower the temperature, the larger the surface of the radiator should be. Fortunately, the designer radiators are really attractive additions to your interior!

Heat pump and radiators, or underfloor heating instead?

Do you prefer to combine your heat pump with underfloor heating? No problem, because underfloor heating has in any case a relatively low temperature and is therefore ideally suitable for combining with a heat pump. But you don’t, in fact, have to make a definite choice. Combine a LTH heat pump with both underfloor heating and radiators easily for optimum comfort! For example, choose underfloor heating in the living room to make optimum use of the living space and to always have warm feet. In rooms where you come less frequently during the day you can place radiators.  Mix and match to your heart’s content to create the ideal heating scheme for your family!

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