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Are your radiators making bubbling or ticking noises or not putting out much heat? They may not necessarily be beyond repair. You can usually rectify the situation yourself or ask a professional installer to fix the problem. Let us take you through the most common problems so that you know what to do!

1. Ticking or bubbling noises 

If a radiator makes a ticking or bubbling noise, it’s probably due to air bubbles in the pipes. This tells you that it’s time to bleed your heating system so that your pipes don't begin to oxidise.

2. Heating problems

If your radiator is not getting hot enough, it could also be a sign that there is air in your system and you’ll need to bleed it.

3. The radiator stays cold

If the radiator stays cold, there could be a problem with the valve set. You can check this by closing all the other radiators and switching the heating on. Does the radiator heat up? If it does, the valve set is working normally. If that’s the case, you’ll need a Vasco installer to resolve the problem.

Does the radiator still stay cold? Then the inner workings could be blocked by dirt on the valve set's spindle. You can solve this issue yourself by following the steps below:

      Remove the thermostat cover on your radiator.

      Gently press the spindle (pin) that sticks out from the valve set. The spindle should move two to three millimetres. Is it stuck? Loosen it up by gently tapping on the side of the valve set.

      Once the spindle starts moving again, you can replace the thermostat cover.

Is your heating still not working? Then there could be an issue with the central heating boiler or the pipes. Call in a professional to rectify the problem!

4. The heating feels tepid

A radiator that feels tepid is not necessarily a problem. Usually, the radiator has reached the desired temperature. For the same reason, the lower side of the radiator can sometimes feel a little cold. Do you think there's something wrong? Set the thermostat to a higher temperature. The radiator should then get hotter. Is that not the case? Then there is a problem with the heating system and you should call in an installer.

5. It won't cool down

If your radiator won't cool down, the valve set is probably not closing properly. A Vasco installer can solve the problem for you! 

Is your old radiator feeling a bit sorry for itself and can't be saved? Then buy a top quality, new radiator so that you can heat your home again. Have a look around a Vasco-sales point near you.

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