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In the past, Vasco proved that heating can be viewed as a form of art, as shown in the Beams and Bryce. These two top designs from Studio Segers continue to find their way into modern interiors, they are so popular that Vasco now produces an ultra-minimalistic version of both radiators: Beams Mono and Bryce Mono. Vasco have a tradition for technical excellence, enabling them to continually develop new and exciting products. These designer radiators are characterised by their vertical aluminium sections (150 mm wide), and are the most minimalistic design ever developed by Vasco. The design completely conceals the collector, making the valve set invisible and also integrates the suspensions. The sections can be mounted separately; you can have one, two, three or more sections in the same colour or in different shades. Beams Mono and Bryce Mono allows for great flexibility and creativity when it comes to interior decor. The temperature is regulated via a single thermostat that can control the sections in series or separately. 

  • One, two or maximum three vertical Mono sections next to each other
  • A flat design (Beams Mono) or a profiled design (Bryce Mono)
  • A combination of three colours that are the same or different
  • A configuration with two or three different height dimensions
  • A configuration with different gaps
  • Individual control per section
  • Thermostat button can be placed anywhere on the wall



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