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The central heating boiler is the heart of your heating installation. It transforms fuel into heat, makes sure the tap gives off hot water and keeps your home nice and warm. Only if your central heating boiler is working to perfection are you using its potential to the full. Which means having it serviced at regular intervals is no idle luxury. This will see you heat your home safely and with the utmost energy efficiency. What is more, this will increase your central heating boiler's life span.

Having your central heating boiler serviced is compulsory by law

In Flanders for example, residents are required by law to have their central heating boiler serviced every two years. To do so, the best way forward is to call on the services of an authorised service engineer who will hand you a certificate once he has serviced your boiler. These are the main 'to dos' on the engineer's list:

  • check the gas fitting
  • clean the burner
  • clean the ventilator
  • check the operation of the heat exchanger
  • check the water pressure

Properly serviced central heating boiler = safe and energy-efficient heating

Properly serviced central heating boiler = safe and energy-efficient heatingHaving your central heating boiler serviced is not just compulsory by law. It is also in your own interest. The boiler will last longer plus it helps avoid defects. In addition, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your home is heated safely and you are generating sanitary hot water. A boiler in perfect working conditions also guarantees the utmost energy efficiency. Something you are certain to notice in the monthly bills from your energy supplier.

Timely detection of defects 

It is important to have your central heating boiler serviced. What is equally important however is that any malfunctions are detected in time. Most central heating boilers will sound a signal if they have encountered a defect. For instance, the water pressure level must be kept up to the mark at all times. The same applies to the operation of the expansion vessel. If you smell gas, be extra careful.


If you are looking to heat your home or flat as efficiently as possible and raise your living comfort, it is important that the central heating boiler and the thermostat are properly connected. Make sure the thermostat and the central heating boiler are the same make. Also, use a programmable thermostat. This gives you full control over room temperatures at all time without wasting energy.

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