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Close to the airport and the centre of Tunis, work is in full progress today on what is to become one of the most prestigious residential complexes of the Tunisian capital. “West Gammarth Garden” is the name, offering 308 luxury apartments, 22 shopping centres and a single extensive medical centre. A striking detail: thanks to Belgian decorative radiators, each apartment also receives a touch from our own country. The West Gammarth Garden project is an initiative of the Chaabane-Lil Isken group, a Tunisian project developer that enjoys an impeccable reputation. The entire project was structured in three phases: the first phase, which consists of sixty apartments and eight shopping centres, is being delivered as early as April 2017. The construction of the other apartments and shopping centres will be completed over the course of 2017-2018. A versatile medical centre is also part of this last phase: space is provided for twenty doctor´s offices, a radiological department and two medical and chemical laboratories.

For the finishing work of West Gammarth Garden, the group Chaabane-Lil Isken called on the designer radiators of Vasco. This isn´t the first time that the project developer has worked with the Belgian Vasco Group: on earlier projects the principal often made use of Brugman panel radiators. However, thanks to their elegant design, the Carré radiators of the Vasco line appeared to be the best choice for the luxury apartments of West Gammarth Garden. Bart Berton, country manager at Vasco Group: “West Gammarth Garden is a genuine prestige project. Five super-deluxe apartment blocks, located in an oasis of calm and finished with the highest-quality materials. A great deal of attention was paid to every detail, including the radiators: at his own initiative, the project developer came to take a tour of our factory to evaluate the production process and assess the quality of our designer radiators.”