3 streamlined radiators for a minimalist interior

Is yours a minimalist interior where everything is harmoniously coordinated? Then you are probably not keen to put a clumsy radiator in your living room. Fortunately, you have the Vasco designer radiators. Let us inspire you!

The pure, yet powerful FlatLine

Looking for an inconspicuous radiator that still gives your home character? The FlatLine oozes pure luxury, without drawing all the attention. Furthermore, the radiator has a water-distributing flat front plate, which means it has superior heat output. Good to know: FlatLine radiators are also ideally suited for low temperature systems. In other words, the FlatLine is the perfect candidate for the lover of aesthetics and quality.

Niva: a subtle enhancement

Does your interior emanate pure tranquillity and are you afraid your radiators will ruin that calm appearance? Then the Niva collection is definitely something for you. These radiators are completely flat and are available in over fifty colours, so they are a sober and subtle enhancement to your interior. If you prefer a softer look, you can also choose Niva radiators with rounded corners. The Niva is also available in an electric version, which is handy for spaces, for example, which are difficult to reach with central heating.

Beams for a fresh, yet sturdy accent

Beams radiators give your interior just that little extra. The three streamlined beams in combination with a neutral colour palette give a modern, yet sturdy effect. That is why Beams are the ideal radiators for an industrial home with an architectural appearance. By the way, did you know that the Beams radiators won a European design award among other things? The unique combination of streamlined design and an energy-efficient operation has global appeal. In addition, just like all Vasco designer radiators, Beams radiators also last a lifetime.

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