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Functionality and Design combined
Whoever talks about atmosphere and comfort is also talking about „warmth“. Nowhere is comfort more fervently desired, aesthetics so intensely experienced and quality of life felt in its purest form as in the bathroom, where Vasco bathroom radiators increase the wellness feeling with smart, effective solutions and accessories. These accessories are carefully conceived and efficiently integrated into the design. Drying and stacking racks, towel rails and hooks form a homogeneous whole with the design.

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Tight, Minimalist, Timeless
The architectural towel accessories of Vasco exude a sense of calm and sobriety. These geometrical forms are reduced to their essence. And because they are interchangeable, they immediately give new life to every radiator. Available in White Fine Texture (S600), Jet Black (RAL 9005) and Anthracite January (M301).

Multi+ :a little bit of design with a big impact

Multi+ is Vasco´s latest comfort accessory. It can be combined with virtually every vertical radiator of Vasco. You fasten it to the wall, to the left or right of the radiator and at just the desired height. The Multi+ is composed of a specially-designed element equipped with invisible suspension hooks on the front that at the same time serves as a support surface for favourite things and as a towel rail.