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When you start your own business, there are a thousand and one things you have to consider. What are the most suitable premises, what furniture suits the image of the business, but also: what heating units should you choose? These tips will help you to choose your shop heating.

New construction or a renovation project?

The extent to which you can choose your own heating in your shop, depends of course on the type of premises. With a new construction project you have complete freedom: do you want underfloor heating, radiators or better still, a combination of both? If you are moving into an existing building, you can replace the old radiators with new ones, or with underfloor heating using a milling system. Channels are cut into the floor and then tubes are placed in them. If you go for a milling system you will have to break up the tiles in the shop, but the screed doesn’t have to be removed. A milling system is more work, but later you will enjoy the heating comfort and energy efficiency it brings. A Handy solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating, whether or not this is combined with radiators.  Check out this YouTube film to see how this milling system works.

Stylish shop heating

A stylish interior is crucial to a new business. The interior determines the whole ambiance of the business and that in turn impacts your brand. It is therefore essential that every detail is spot on. The  Vasco designer radiators are a subtle addition to your shop interior. The sharp lines and minimalist designs immediately give your shop a luxurious feel without drawing all the attention. What´s more, by strategically placing your radiators – e.g. vertically or horizontally under the windows – you save valuable space.

A playful shop design with coloured radiators

Depending on the effect you want to create in your shop, you can also go for a somewhat bolder radiator. For example, with a brightly coloured radiator you can make a real statement. Keep the walls of your shop white and add a trendy accent using bright red designer radiators. In an industrial setting you can make an impression with sharp, black radiators.

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