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Forewarned is forearmed

When private individuals bring a heat pump into their house, this is an air/water-heat pump in 80 percent of cases. It is efficient and affordable. It is the perfect companion to the solar panels on the roof and low temperature heating in your home.

However, an air/water-heat pump has one disadvantage, and that determines the best place to install it. The name says it all: there is water involved. Although the chances of a leak are small, it’s better to be safe than sorry and to put the pump in a place where a leak will cause the least damage. Down in your cellar, for example. Certainly not up in your attic, because a leak in your attic can cause havoc.

Noise disturbance from a heat pump

For the same reason, it is better to place other heat pumps, such as a water/water-heat pump down in the cellar or on the ground floor. Moreover, the compressor in a water/water-heat pump makes some noise. Insulate the area well. The compressor of an air/water-heat pump stands outside. Ideally, you should place it behind a corner, so you don’t hear the hum when you are in the garden.

Conclusion: put a heat pump in the cellar

Your cellar is usually the best place for a heat pump. A cellar is naturally quite well insulated, so there is hardly any noise disturbance in the living areas. In addition, any leaks will cause less damage than if the pump is in your attic and water has a chance to seep into your ceilings and walls.

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