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Column radiators continue to remain a classic in a lot of interiors, whether homes or office premises. With good reason, as they are easy to operate and ooze warmth and appeal. They owe their name to the way they are built, i.e. in various columns. The heat is distributed across these segments, which makes them give off an agreeable radiant heat that spreads across the entire room. Read on to discover the benefits and what to look out for!

The unmistakable benefits of column radiators

voordelen kolomradiatoren

Column radiators are a staple in a lot of homes. With good reason. First of all, there is the retro style. The unique construction of column radiators lends your interior a touch of nostalgia, which also happens to be the very trend that has been making waves in recent years. But that is not their only strong suit, not by a mile. The following aspects give them plenty of added value to boot:

  • Column radiators are perfect for large and high-ceilinged spaces that need a lot of heat. They have a larger surface area than panel radiators which means they give off more heat.
  • Horizontal or vertical positioning - either way.
  • Panel radiators come in various models and colours.
  • Panel radiators eminently lend themselves to being fitted underneath windows.


Tip: column radiators are available in a wide range of different shapes and colours. So you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be getting a model that is the perfect fit for your living space and could even act as a real eye-catcher!


Two considerations

The large size is an advantage for those of us looking to heat sizeable rooms. By the same token, that size can also be a drawback. If you live in a small flat, you will soon find that a column radiator takes up a fair amount of space. In that case, a panel radiator is likely to be the safer option, unless of course you were to fit the column radiator somewhere that is not used anyway, such as underneath a window.


The second drawback is of a more practical nature. Column radiators tend to be less easy to clean. Cleaning between the different columns can be a bit of a challenge. Although there are ways around that. 

Need help to make up your mind? Speak to a local Vasco installation engineer for professional advice.

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