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Sustainable, electrical heating

Vasco completes its electrical range of products according to the new EcoDesign 2018 norms

In energy-efficient projects, such as Almost Energy Neutral (Dutch: BEN) dwellings and passive houses, an electric radiator in the bathroom is worth considering. Modern houses are so well insulated that the need for heating is reduced. When heat is required quickly in single rooms such as in bathrooms, the best solution is an electric radiator, especially when you generate your own electricity using photovoltaic solar panels.

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EcoDesign is a European directive that sets minimum requirements for energy performance of electrical products. As of January 1, 2018, stricter European EcoDesign norms apply to reduce the energy consumption of electrical devices. For example, electrical radiators should have a number of energy-saving functions from now on

Oni and Beams Mono Electric

Both of these electric radiators are highly recommended for those who love a minimalist look! In back there is a cover plate, in the same colour as the front, which completely conceals the electric resistance. The radiator can be heated up to a maximum, with the possibility of automatically regulating the surface temperature as desired. The electric reception module, with e.g. a standby and memo button, is almost entirely concealed on the back of these electric designer radiators.

Blower, E-Volve, E-panel & E-Bano

As of 2018, the existing Blower as well as the newcomers E-Volve, E-Panel and E-Bano comply entirely with the new EcoDesign requirements. With this total update of the electrical assortment, Vasco kills two birds with one stone. First, Vasco provides a response to the increasing demand for aesthetically designed heating systems and secondly, Vasco combines high user comfort with the highest requirements in the area of energy efficiency

new regulation for electrical radiators

With the E-Volve, Vasco continues its sustainable innovation series. This new regulation for electrical bathroom radiators combines a discrete design with energetic top performance. The weekly programming and open window detection are a few examples of the energy-saving functions. The core idea is simple: heating as energy-efficiently as possible. For example, the radiator switches automatically to a lower setting in case of a sudden temperature drop to avoid using unnecessary energy. E-Volve is also available in a RF kit including a wireless remote control and a RF receiver, which is discretely mounted under the radiator.

E-volve e-v

E-volve e-v-rf

heating quickly and efficiently

Vasco already anticipated this by introducing a new range of electrical bathroom radiators that include an integrated Blower – a quick and efficient heating ventilator that provides additional heat emission (1,000 Watt output) – and a built-in detection sensor that automatically adjusts the Blower to your lifestyle. Main advantages of this Blower unit are:

  • Automatic weekly programme based on your lifestyle (selflearning)
  • Boost function
  • Indication of the energy consumption
  • Presence detection
  • Open window detection
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electrical panel radiators

Vasco extensively updated the existing electrical panel radiators. From now on, the entire E-Panel assortment will have a control for weekly programming, open window detection, etc. Furthermore, the vertical range was expanded by four (4) additional output options.

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electrical towel radiators

The electrical towel radiator E-Bano is the answer to all of today´s bathroom comfort requirements. It offers comfort on every level and it´s beautiful to look at. Together, the horizontal round tubes and the vertical collectors in D-profile form an elegant, balanced whole. As a result it exudes calm and simplicity, which is essential for the feeling of wellness in today´s bathrooms.