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Wafer-thin, wonderfully warm and a delight for the eye. The new Vasco Oni extends the boundaries of radiator design. A copper heating tube with minimal water content is integrated into the ultra-thin aluminium front plate (with optional cut-outs for hanging towels). So this ´floating´ flat radiator is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely efficient and energy-saving. Ideal in combination with low temperature systems. 

Model O-P is ideal as a designer radiator in the bathroom, since the Oni has an aluminium front plate that warms up and radiates heat very quickly. In combination with the gently rounded cut-outs for hanging towels the Oni effortlessly ensures that your bath towel is nice and warm in no time.

  • Sustainable technology
  • Ultra-thin design (8 mm)
  • Austere design with gently rounded-off corners 
  • With or without rounded-off cut-outs for hanging towels 
  • Timeless design, fits in every interior 
  • Lightweight aluminium plate with copper heating tube 
  • Available in virtually all Vasco colours 
  • Optimal thermal radiation and fast warm-up time
  • Ideal in combination with low temperature systems


Oni, Vasco’s thinnest bathroom radiator ever (8 mm) is now also available in an electric version with practical cut-outs that make it easy to dry towels. The Oni-EL meets the strict European Ecodesign standards for electrical appliances. The back of this electric version is fitted with an entirely flat cover panel in exactly the same colour as the front, which houses the electrical resistance. So from the side all you can see is the wafer-thin radiator panel. The electric receiver module has a standby and a memo button and is integrated almost invisibly into the unit.



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