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4 benefits of a heat pump boiler: sustainable and efficient heating

4 benefits of a heat pump boiler: sustainable and efficient heating

Cooking, washing your hands, cleaning, showering... You use a great deal of hot water throughout the day. A heat pump boiler draws heat from the natural environment and offers a sustainable solution for heating your sanitary water. We can give you 4 good reasons why a heat pump boiler is a great investment.

1.    A heat pump boiler is ecologically sound and energy-efficient

A heat pump boiler draws heat from the ambient air to heat water, resulting in considerable reductions in energy consumption and bills and allowing you to heat your home in an ecologically responsible way. Thanks to its energy-efficient operation, the heat pump boiler has a much smaller ecological footprint than an electric device or a boiler that uses natural gas.

2.    Comfort is our priority

A heat pump boiler offers optimum comfort because the capacity is automatically matched to your specific heating requirements. With the Vasco Vica Sani 300 A I, you always have hot water because the buffer tank of 258 litres guarantees a permanent ‘stock’. The boiler is also fitted with a unit which combats legionella. Comfortable and safe!

3.    A heat pump boiler is easy to install

Want to replace your old boiler without any building work? The plug-and-play principle means you can easily install the Vica Sani and connect it to the existing supply and discharge points and to the mains. Your new heat pump boiler will be ready for use in no time.

4.    Ideal in combination with solar panels: free hot water

Combining your heat pump boiler with solar panels means you can generate your own, free hot water. When the thermal solar panels produce too much energy, you can easily use this to heat water during the day with your heat pump boiler and then enjoy a lovely hot shower or bath in the evening. Did you know that you can also combine your heat pump boiler with hydraulic solar panels? The VICA Sani 300 A I has an extra loop to which you can connect up to five cubic metres of hydraulic solar panels. The sun heats the water on the roof. This heat is then stored in your boiler.

Vasco: more comfort, less energy 

At Vasco, you have come to the right place for comfort, design, sustainability and innovation. You are sure to find a suitable system for every home and each specific application. Want to know more about the possibilities? Contact a dealer near you.