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5 practicable tips to save energy

5 practicable tips to save energy

To measure is to know. With the cost of energy constantly rising, like most of us you are probably keeping a close eye on your energy bills and consumption levels, doing everything possible to save energy. Time to tackle your energy consumption? Here are five easy tips to get you started! 

1. Always fully turn off devices and appliances

Switching off the TV with your remote. Easy, right? Well, there is a good reason why you should not. The reason being that appliances left on standby continue to consume a fair amount of energy. Fully powering off all of your electrical devices and appliances after use soon adds up to 100 euros in savings a year.

2. Insulation and high-efficiency glazing

Admittedly, insulating your home and having high-efficiency glazing fitted, does not happen overnight. But it is well worth it. After all, proper insulation more than pays for itself in due course. Do bear in mind that an efficient ventilation system in a properly insulated home is a must to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

3. Have your central heating boiler checked

Did you know that a poorly set up heating system will drive up your energy consumption by over twenty percent? Have your central heating boiler serviced and seen to on a regular basis by a professional installation engineer to prevent excess consumption.

4. Use your heating the smart way

Obviously there is a great deal you can do yourself to use your heating as efficiently as possible. Turning your thermostat down 1 °C will help you drive down your energy bills by at least 5 percent. Do not leave items hanging around on your radiators and make sure your furniture pieces are sufficiently far away from the radiators, so they can give off and spread their heat properly. If need be, put up some heat reflective foil on the section of wall behind the radiators.

5. Saving energy in the bathroom

Have you had a water-saving shower head fitted? Don’t think twice, do it! You will barely notice the difference when taking a shower, but it will slash your water consumption by half. Eco-mode buttons on your taps and half-flush buttons on your toilet will help you save a good few litres a year.