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Buying a heat pump boiler? Consider the following costs

Buying a heat pump boiler? Consider the following costs

With a heat pump boiler, you can heat sanitary water sustainably and efficiently. This type of system draws free heat from the natural environment. A heat pump boiler is initially slightly more expensive than a regular boiler but the low consumption levels, high efficiency and potential premiums make it a very interesting investment. Find out more about the costs you will need to consider when buying a heat pump boiler here.

Costs of a heat pump boiler: purchase and installation

The purchase price of a heat pump boiler depends on its capacity and the accessories you buy. On average, they cost around € 3,000. Our Vica Sani 300 A I has a buffer tank with a 258 litre capacity and costs from € 2,477. 

There are also installation costs to add onto the purchase costs. These costs depend on which installer you choose. A Vasco dealer can provide you with a customised quote. The fact that the installation of a heat pump boiler is both quick and easy means the costs are not too high.

Possible premiums for heat pump boiler

In order to encourage the transition to heat pump boilers, premiums are available in each Belgian region. In Flanders, the network manager Fluvius, for example, is offering a bonus of € 300 or a maximum of 40% of your invoice. In Wallonia, you can access a subsidy of € 750. There are, of course, conditions linked to these premiums. Check the specific rules that apply in Flanders, Wallonia or the Brussels Capital Region.

How to make savings on your energy bill

You will recuperate the cost of a heat pump boiler in about five years. With a heat pump boiler you can make substantial savings on your energy bills: on the one hand because you are using renewable energy effectively and, on the other, because this type of boiler is incredibly efficient. The heat produced is stored in a buffer tank so that you can also use your hot sanitary water at a later stage. This means you don’t lose any energy. Consumption ends up being up to 75% lower than an electric boiler.

Introducing Vica Sani heat pump boiler

A heat pump boiler is a genuinely smart investment. Our Vica Sani, an air/water heat pump boiler, is a sustainable and affordable alternative to your old boiler. Find a Vasco dealer near you for more info. 

NB! The prices and subsidies that are given in this article are the amounts that applied at the moment of publication (August 2021). Vasco is not liable if these prices or subsidies change.