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Can radiators be combined with underfloor heating?

Can radiators be combined with underfloor heating?

Can radiators be combined with underfloor heating? The answer is a simple but resounding ‘yes’! So much so that combining underfloor heating and radiators is the best way to heat your home. Read on and discover the benefits of this felicitous combination.

Snug, efficient and out of sight: the benefits of underfloor heating

Having underfloor heating fitted does away with cold feet during winter, for good! But underfloor heating comes with even more benefits. For one thing, underfloor heating delivers a very snug and comfortable warmth that is evenly distributed across your home. The radiation heat of underfloor heating does an energy-efficient job of heating your home. Underfloor heating does not drive up the boiler temperature quite as high as a radiator would and eminently lends itself to low temperature heating. In brief, underfloor heating is very much the right decision if you are planning to build a new home or renovate (and heat) your existing home in observance of ecological principles.

However, a lot of people consider underfloor heating’s ultimate strong suit to be purely aesthetic in nature. Underfloor heating is hidden from view and allows you to use your room to the full. Sadly, underfloor heating is not suited to all spaces.

Quick and stylish: designer radiators

Underfloor heating is an efficient heating method, although it is less cost-effective in rooms where you do not really spend much time during the day, such as your bedroom. On the other hand, a towel rail in the bathroom could well be the essential radiator accessory you have been missing. In addition, an extra radiator in the bathroom will enable you to heat the space in double-quick time.

There is no doubt that, when it comes to truly efficient heating, the right radiator in the right place can prove unmissable.

But what about your carefully styled home interior? In spite of your underfloor heating, will you need to make exceptions for hulking steel whoppers who, other than their functional use, do nothing to add to your home? Definitely not! Provided you are going for designer radiators, that is. Not only do they heat up in no time at all, their imposing presence also lends your home interior added aesthetic value.

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Combining radiators with underfloor heating: the best of both worlds

Radiators and underfloor heating are a match made in heaven. To make the most of this combination, we would recommend having both systems aligned by a professional