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Choosing the colour of your radiator: here are just some of the options!

Choosing the colour of your radiator: here are just some of the options!

When it comes to furniture, floors and walls, we all take time to make a duly considered decision as to which colour and style to go for. So there is no reason why we shouldn't have an extensive colour palette to choose from when deciding on our designer radiators of choice. Vasco's colour range encompasses anything from the classics such as chrome, white, grey and soft earth tones, across delightful pastel shades all the way up to decisively deep colours. Stand back and marvel!

Kleur radiator


The range of muted earth tones, such as terracotta, beige and quartz brown, deliver a sense of peace and harmony, which makes them ideal for those who prefer to see their radiators blend in with the overall decor. This palette offers plenty of creative scope in classical or country-style homes.

Yet, white and grey are also colours capable of giving a traditional interior a lift by creating contrast. White, off-white and grey seamlessly fit in with classical, country and modern home interiors. Vasco's designer radiators are available in a variety of different hues, from ‘Pure White’ across ‘Traffic White’ and ‘Platinum Grey’ to deep colours such as anthracite and greyish brown.

Metallic colours: sleek and elegant

If it is a trim and highly elegant appeal you are after, you can have your radiators spray-painted in a matching metallic colour. Radiators in metallic aluminium finishes look a treat in a lot of modern designer interiors, precisely because they convey the same style and class as the rest of the interior. The Vasco range also includes radiators in stainless steel and chrome.

For those who like colours

Depending on the model you are after, there is an extensive colour palette comprising vivid colours and pastel shades to choose from. For most radiators, the range encompasses timeless classics as well as the latest trending colours. This comes in handy in all manner of homes. Hip and trendy? You will be happy to learn that you get to choose between colours such as crispy green or dark red, which make for a delightful contrast with white walls and trim design. But even if your interior oozes laid-back peace and quiet, or makes a bold and passionate statement of intent, we have the right colours for your radiators of choice.