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Electric heating can be attractive too

Electric heating can be attractive too

Electric heating is growing in popularity every year and it’s no surprise. Home insulation is constantly improving and many houses are also being fitted out with photovoltaic solar panels. Electric radiators are the ideal additional source of heat. So it’s no surprise that they are popular in bathrooms where some additional heating is welcome. Electric radiators often have the reputation of being practical, but not particularly attractive. The Vasco range of electric heating has changed that – certainly now that we have added the Oni and Beams award-winning aluminium designer radiators to the range!

Oni O-P Electric: the thinnest radiator, now an electric version too

From now on, Oni, Vasco’s most slender bathroom radiator ever (8 mm), is available in an electric version. Of course, the known advantages of electric heating also apply to this latest designer model. Thanks to the plug & play-concept, no break work is needed to install the radiator and the appliance is  extremely user friendly.

The top design not only looks good, it is also functional: the recesses in the front plate allow you to neatly hang up your towels. Because the resistor is integrated in the radiator, all you can see along the side, is a wafer-thin sheet. The electric receptor module is also well-concealed.

In addition to the trusted top quality and super-fast reaction time, the Oni offers a multi-functional system. On the one hand, it is safe to operate thanks to a permanent measurement of the surface temperature. On the other hand, you can always accurately monitor the room temperature. Furthermore, the Oni complies with all the strict European Eco-design demands.

Beams Mono Electric: all the benefits of electric heating with a minimalist look

The Beams is an aluminium designer radiator that will certainly charm lovers of a minimalist and pure design. Again, with this appliance, the electric resistor is neatly integrated in the sleek, vertical profiles. In addition, the profiles were given fins to increase the heat emission even more.

As with the Oni, this radiator uses dual functionalities. The temperature is regulated by means of an RF thermostat where the individual profiles can be linked or individually controlled.