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Exactly when are electric radiators the best choice for you?

Exactly when are electric radiators the best choice for you?

In the market for new radiators? In that case, you may have wondered what electric radiators have to offer. Sometimes electric heating is the best solution for your situation, whereas in other cases you are better off going for central heating based around a condensing boiler. Read on to find out when electric heating is the best option for you, and when it is not.

Perfect as back-up heating

An electric radiator is a system in its own right. An electric resistor is built into each separate radiator. The resistor heats up an internal fluid, which causes the radiator to start heating up and giving off warmth. An electric radiator produces the same pleasant warmth as a radiator that is connected to the central heating system.

As electric radiators are standalone units, they are the perfect solution if there is no connection point for the central heating system. For instance, if you have an attic room where no piping has been fitted, an electric radiator can work wonders. In rooms where the radiators in place fail to provide sufficient heat, an electric appliance can serve as a back-up.

Electric heating as your main heating?

Electric heating is easy to install and does not involve a major outlay. Moreover, electric radiators are quick to heat up a room. Does this also mean that electric heating is suitable to be used as the main heating for your entire home?

No, it does not. To heat all the rooms in your home, you are better off opting for central heating, involving a combination of radiators and underfloor heating. This will give you optimum heat output, with a minimum of energy costs.

Electric radiator range

Vasco designs, builds and sells all kinds of radiators, which also includes electric radiators. We also run a line of ‘mixed radiators’, with dozens of models to choose from. Mixed radiators are radiators that work via the central heating system, but also have electric heating capability, enabling you to bring in extra heat at a moment’s notice if the central heating boiler is switched off. Ideal for the bathroom!