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Handy, a towel rail for the radiator!

Handy, a towel rail for the radiator!

Is a towel rail an unnecssary accessory for the radiator? Definitely not! Not only does a towel rail give your bathroom a stylish touch, it also has a lot of other benefits. Think about it.

Always a lovely, warm towel

The summer is officially over, and the weather outside is becoming colder. A wonderful way of getting rid of the cold in your body is a nice hot bath. Naturally you prefer to stay warm after your bath, otherwise there will be nothing left of that delightful, relaxed feeling. Getting out of the bath is often made more difficult because of the confrontation with the cold air. Fortunately, a towel rail helps. Because you can hang your towel or your clothes close to the radiator, they will at least be nice and warm when you get out of the bath.

A dry towel quickly thanks to your towel rail

You will generally use a towel a couple of times before you put it in the wash. Unfortunately, in the winter it may take a while before your towel is dry again. And there’s nothing more uncomfortable than a cold, wet towel against your body. Thanks to a towel rail your towel will dry much faster. So it will be nice and warm to wrap around your body the next time you bathe.

A feast for the eyes

Fortunately, a towel rail need not be an eyesore. The Vasco designer towel rails match the style of your radiator and bathroom perfectly. For example, with the Arche the unique, flat design of the designer radiator is complemented with a towel rail, welded seamlessly to the structure. Because of its design, the towel rail of the Alu-Zen seems to float.  A towel rail is also a space saver, because you don’t need a separate towel rail. You benefit from extra comfort at no detriment to your interior.