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Heating and cooling: enjoy your heat pump all year round

Heating and cooling: enjoy your heat pump all year round

The term ‘heat pump’ might make you think that it’s only used for heating. But with an air/water heat pump, such as our Vica 8 (ac) AW E, you can also cool your home. So, you can enjoy it all year round, because your heat pump will come in handy in the summertime too. Find out how it works here.


Cooling with an air/water heat pump

Usually, an air/water heat pump draws energy from outdoor air in order to heat up water for your central heating system. If you use it to cool, however, it works the other way around; it takes heat from the indoor air and sends it outside. This is referred to as active cooling because your heat pump works just as hard as it does when heating. But don't worry, the process is always energy-efficient.


Energy-efficient fan coil units

Cooling is exceptionally energy-efficient if you combine the Vica 8 (ac) AW E heat pump with a fan coil unit. This is a heat exchanger that uses an integrated fan coil unit to distribute hot or cold air around a room. This ensures the desired temperature is reached rapidly. You can enjoy a pleasant indoor climate both during cold winters and hot summers.


Ideal in combination with underfloor heating

You can also cool via your underfloor heating if your system is linked to your heat pump. Instead of producing hot water, your air/water heat pump supplies cold water to your pipes to cool the floor. You can therefore leave your underfloor heating running during the summer.


A water temperature of around 18 °C is ideal for cooling. Make sure there is no condensation on the floor as a result of the temperature difference. You can prevent this by using a condensation sensor.


Want to know more about cooling with a heat pump?

In the Vasco range, you will find everything you need to cool your home: heat pumps, underfloor heating and fan coil units. Want to know which system is most suitable for your home? A Vasco distributor will be happy to answer your questions.