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Higher air humidity inhibits the spread of corona

Higher air humidity inhibits the spread of corona

Did you know that an air humidifier could help to limit the spread of the coronavirus? The virus is less active when relative humidity (RV) rises to over 50%. This figure refers to the quantity of water vapour in the air compared to the maximum quantity of water vapour. Read more about the effect of atmospheric humidity on corona. We will tell you how to ensure a 50% RV inside your home. 

Greater chance of contagion in dry air

Various studies have shown that air quality plays an important role in the spread of and in primarily inhibiting the coronavirus. A study by the American Society for Microbiology (Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces) has shown, for example, that virus particles are most active where there is atmospheric humidity of 20%. Dry air can therefore lead to higher levels of contagion. A dry throat, headaches and cracked lips are also issues associated with a low level of atmospheric humidity. 

The most important finding from this study is that the virus has the lowest chance of survival at 50% RV. In short: the chance of catching the disease is lowest when relative humidity is 50%. This study also checked how long the virus survives on stainless steel items. This was three days at 50% RV (at a temperature of 20 degrees), compared to 28 days at 20% RV.  

How to achieve the right relative humidity

A ventilation system D with heat recuperation helps you achieve the perfect, healthy living climate. With a ventilation solution from Vasco, you can breathe in the outdoor air even when you’re indoors. However, an air humidifier is of course the best device for guaranteeing the right levels of water vapour. The Vasco air humidifier allows you to regulate air humidity. And say goodbye to dry coughs and cracked skin.

Ask a Vasco dealer for advice

At Vasco, you will find various solutions for ensuring good air quality with the right relative humidity. Want to know which system is most suitable for your home? Find a Vasco dealer near you for customised advice.