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Installing an air/water heat pump? That can be done without any major structural work

Installing an air/water heat pump? That can be done without any major structural work

A heat pump is a good choice to heat your home more energy-efficiently. Our Vica 8 AW E air/water heat pump automatically adjusts the output according to your heating needs, boosting your system’s efficiency. But where should you install a heat pump and what will that involve? We have combined all the useful information about installing a heat pump in an existing house.

The components of an air/water heat pump

When private households install a heat pump, in 80% of cases this will involve an air/water heat pump. This variety is efficient, affordable and easily combined with solar panels and low temperature radiators. Often, these heat pumps are the monoblock style and the full conversion of energy from outdoor air into hot or cold water takes place outside. The hot and cold water that is produced is then stored indoors in buffer tanks to heat spaces or in a boiler to provide hot sanitary water.

Installing buffer tanks

There are no legal requirements about the location of buffer tanks but they should be ideally placed on a solid surface, against the wall and in a well-insulated room. This also applies to our Vica Combi Collect. There is, of course, water in an air/water heat pump. The chance of leakage is small but nevertheless the buffer tanks should be placed where a leak will not cause too much damage. The attic is therefore not ideal.

A cellar, garage, storage area or technical room is the ideal location. The Vica Combi Collect is about the same size as a large fridge and its low-noise operation means no issues with buzzing in the background. Furthermore, the installer can connect the buffer tank with the Vica 8 AW E in a few short steps.

Installing external unit

The monoblock air/water heat pump is best located in the garden, as close to the external unit as possible. No drilling or groundworks are required for this. Make sure that there is an adequate supply of outdoor air and do not place the heat pump in an enclosed corner. 

Installing an air/water heat pump in an existing home? No problem!

An air/water heat pump can easily be added to an existing home, as the installation only involves minor structural works.

Are you also considering buying a Vasco heat pump? Please contact a distributor in your area.