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Radiators for the bathroom: things to look out for

Radiators for the bathroom: things to look out for

Anyone scouting for radiators for the bathroom should bear various things in mind. Most people tend to put aesthetic considerations first. And rightly so. Still, the aesthetic or design aspects should not be the only deciding factors in your decision to go for a given type of bathroom radiator. The dimensions (the available surface area in bathrooms often tends to be limited) and the heat output of your bathroom radiator also play an instrumental role. In what follows, we explain the main focal points.

Heat output

The radiator ranks among the most popular expedients for heating bathrooms. They are easy to fit and do a highly efficient job of heating the room. Still, no two radiators are alike. Oftentimes, there is a difference between heated towel radiators and other designer radiators for instance. For one thing, heated towel radiators are designed with a specific purpose in mind: heating the bathroom at the same time as providing room for the towels that you hang out to dry on the radiator.

This is offset by the fact that designer radiators are available in smaller or more non-standard formats – horizontal or vertical, depending on whatever suits the style of your bathroom decor.  Be sure to enquire with your heating specialist

Design or standard?

The days every radiator looked pretty much identical are long gone. Today, customers have a wide range of bathroom radiators to choose from. From restrained models to real eye catchers. How to pick the one that is best suited to your situation? The first thing to do is to decide what is more important to you: style and aesthetic or practical user comfort? One thing is certain: uniformity comes first. Make sure your radiator blends in with the room as a whole. A golden home interior rule that also applies to the bathroom.

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Selecting the design for your bathroom radiators is not all that difficult – at least if you have some sense of interior decoration. Choosing the right dimensions on the other hand often tends to be more of a challenge. Yet, working out the size of your radiators by way of the dimensions of the room where they are to be fitted is logic exemplified.

So strike a balance between practical comfort and heat output. The smaller the radiator, the lower its heat output. Yet, the bigger the radiator, the more distinctive it is. This is obviously not a problem if you are planning to turn your designer radiator into a bathroom eye catcher. Yet, it is always a good idea to imbue any room with a sense of balance. Especially bearing in mind that other golden home interior rule: ‘form follows function’!