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Smart control Vica Controller: ensure your heat pump runs efficiently

Smart control Vica Controller: ensure your heat pump runs efficiently

It's a fact: with a heat pump you can heat sustainably and reduce your energy bills. Vasco embraces renewable energy. With the Vica Controller — a smart controller — the Vica heat pump system distributes the generated heat in a highly efficient manner. Read more.

Vica Controller: always the required heat output

A heat pump draws heat from the air and, in turn, consumes a lot less energy (electricity or gas) but still provides optimum heating for your home and sanitary water. Our air/water heat pump, the Vica 8 AW E, in combination with the Vica Combi Collect-buffer tank creates the perfect solution for your heating needs.

The Vica Controller regulates the ultimate heat output so that heat is only distributed where it is needed. You can easily set your own preferences and create the heat levels you need whenever you like. Going on holiday? Set your Vica Controller so that your house is nice and warm when you return. 

Capacity rate: energy more expensive at peak moments

From 1 January 2022, energy invoices in Flanders will look slightly different. A capacity rate will be introduced in order to fund the necessary investments in the grid. You will then not only pay for the energy you're using but also for the moment at which you use it. During peak moments, your usage will cost more.

Spread consumption with smart control

You could see the capacity rate as a good reason to become even smarter with your energy consumption.

Luckily, a heat pump offers the ideal solution. The Vica 8 AW E uses very little energy so the system doesn't create any peak moments. The Vica Controller also offers smart controls for your heat pump. Switch it off, for example, when your oven and electric hob are on too. The heat stored in the Combi Collect will bridge this period. 

If the solar panels are generating a lot of power, the smart controls will ensure that the heat pump automatically switches on and turns this energy into hot water. This can be used at a later date, when there is a lower level of power generation. 

Invest in a heat pump

A heat pump is a great investment thanks to the smart controls and low energy consumption. Do you have any questions about our heat pump? Please feel free to contact a distributor in your area.