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What heating do you provide in the bedroom?

What heating do you provide in the bedroom?

In your living room, you naturally like it to be pleasantly warm. However, in your bedroom it is healthy to set the thermostat a few degrees lower. Although, heating does of course remain indispensable. Find out here which heating is most appropriate for your bedroom.

Relax in comfort in your bedroom

In the bedroom, you spend most of your time comfortably warm under the blankets. So the bedroom does not have to be as warm as the rest of the house. However, to sleep comfortably, at least 16 degrees is recommended.

The ideal temperature in the bedroom

A lot has been said and written about the ideal bedroom temperature. Most studies agree that a healthy bedroom climate lies between 16 and 21 degrees. The best temperature for you depends on your personal preference. Some people sleep like a log at 18 degrees, while others sleep better at 20 degrees, and so on.

  • Tip: it should be little warmer when you get up or go to bed, than it is during the night.

Heating in the bedroom: general points for attention

Radiators or underfloor heating in the bedroom? That is up to you. Both systems heat perfectly well. What applies to other rooms, also applies to the bedroom: before you install heating or have heating installed, it is crucial to calculate the volume of the space and determine the required output of the radiators or the underfloor heating. In addition, good ventilation is the message. Open the windows fifteen minutes before you go to sleep and close them again before you crawl under the blankets, or have an efficient ventilation system installed.