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Which bathroom radiators are your best bet?

Which bathroom radiators are your best bet?

Whether you want to enjoy a long leisurely soak in the bathtub or grab a quick shower in comfort, the first requisite is to have a nice and warm bathroom. If you pick the right bathroom radiators, you will also have a warm towel to hand when you climb out of the bath at all times. How to recognise the right radiators for your bathroom?

Easy to maintain

In a wet environment such as the bathroom, ease of maintenance should always come as a priority. A radiator that is easy to service has detachable side panels or a detachable grid, making it easy to remove dirt, which means your radiator retains its beauty and performance delivery for longer.

High-quality bathroom radiators

Bathroom radiators made from high-quality materials last longer. A lot depends on the quality of the raw materials. But how do you know which radiator is really solid and reliable? One way of picking out a high-end radiator for the bathroom is the warranty duration. A radiator with a lengthy warranty is made of high-quality steel, an excellent choice for radiators.

Aluminium designer radiators too are among the best on the market. Moreover, aluminium has the added benefit that it heats up quicker, which is a great plus to heat your towels.

But the raw material used is by no means the only hallmark of quality. An elegant, stylish design is every bit as important. After all, your radiators have a huge visual impact on the look of your bathroom. This is why we advise matching the type of radiators you choose with your bathroom's interior or planned decor. A traditional-country style bathroom for instance demands different radiators than a retro-design bathroom.

Hanging up towels

One final yardstick is everyday user comfort. Can you easily hang up your bath towel? Vertical towel rail ladder radiators that are open between the rungs are very handy in this respect. Other designer radiators have a small practical coat hook or an elegant bracket to hang up your towel. Vasco has a broad range of bathroom radiators in different colours. Vasco's bathroom radiators are also available in chrome, which is a popular choice for bathrooms.