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The Vasco Flat-Plint-Line is a horizontal plinth panel radiator with a decorative surface front panel, side panels and designer line grid. This combines a superior heat supply with futuristic technology and stylish appearance. Its eight connections makes it universally connectable regardless of the type and the length. It fits beautifully into large windows because of its low height. It is possible to install the Flat-Plint-Line on the wall or on the floor.

  • Superior heat emission
  • Water-carrying flat front panel
  • Practical and easy to assemble thanks to the intelligent central connection 
  • Integrated valve as a standard feature
  • High-quality finish in white textured coating
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the eight joints, including the intelligent central connection


Product descriptionWidthHeightW75/65/20W55/45/20
FLAT PLINT-LINE 221000200605313
FLAT PLINT-LINE 221200200726376
FLAT PLINT-LINE 221400200847438
FLAT PLINT-LINE 221600200968501
FLAT PLINT-LINE 2218002001089563
FLAT PLINT-LINE 2220002001210626
FLAT PLINT-LINE 2222002001331689
FLAT PLINT-LINE 2224002001452751
FLAT PLINT-LINE 2226002001573841
FLAT PLINT-LINE 2230002001815939
FLAT P-LINE 331000200866450
FLAT P-LINE 3312002001039540
FLAT P-LINE 3314002001212630
FLAT P-LINE 3316002001386720
FLAT P-LINE 3318002001559810
FLAT P-LINE 3320002001732900
FLAT P-LINE 3322002001905990
FLAT P-LINE 33240020020781080
FLAT P-LINE 33260020022521170
FLAT P-LINE 33300020025981350

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