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Electric bathroom radiators with intelligent control unit for new construction and renovation projects

In highly energy-efficient projects, such as NZE homes and passive houses, an electric radiator in the bathroom is definitely worth considering. Many modern homes are so well insulated that heating is hardly necessary anymore with the exception of specific spaces such as the bathroom. An electric radiator is the ideal solution to heat these rooms quickly and efficiently. Especially if you generate your own electricity with solar panels.

In addition to its well-known range of electric designer radiators, Vasco has developed a series of electric bathroom radiators with a premounted Blower. The Blower works with a selfprogramming, intelligent control unit that is based on presence detection. Thanks to this feature you can keep your consumption to a minimum! 

• Conform ECO Design directive 2018!

• Thanks to the built-in motion sensor the Blower can set its own week program according to your living habits.

• Open window detection: the radiator goes into antifreeze mode when the temperature drops suddenly, which saves money on your energy bill.

• Comfort, ECO and antifreeze temperature settings.

• The Blower is pre-assembled in the factory.

• The filter can be moved to the left or the right for easy cleaning.

• Built-in electric PTC heating element of 1000W.

• The control screen has an intuitive design with 5 large buttons including the manual boost button.

• 2 versions: white (RAL 9016) and grey (RAL 7045)

• IPX4

• Certification: CE

• Built-in RF receiver for control via optional RF thermostat


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NIVA BLOWER N1L1-EL-BL accessories


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