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Your bathroom is the one place around the house where you really get to unwind. Whether you are simply grabbing an invigorating morning shower or enjoying a relaxing soak in the bath tub after a stressful day at work, your bathroom is where you get to leave all those day-to-day hassles at the door. However, there are a number of criteria that need to be met. After all, you only get the ultimate bathroom experience when the decor and design live up to your tastes, the sanitary facilities work the way they should and hygienic conditions are immaculate. Plus - not without importance - you want your bathroom to be nice and warm. Read on to find out what to look out for when you are having bathroom heating fitted.

Entire room evenly heated

Whether you are heating the living room or the bathroom, efficiency and low energy consumption are key. The space needs to heat up quickly, consuming the lowest possible level of energy. To do so, you are looking at various options. Here is a closer look at some of these options.

Anyone who enjoys comfort is likely to succumb to the joys of underfloor heating. Let us face it: most of us simply love walking around barefooted on a warm floor after we have just stepped out of a beneficent shower. Moreover, underfloor heating comes with the added benefit that it saves space. Ideal for sleek designer bathrooms. Even though there is a 'but': in most spaces, underfloor heating simply does not have enough power to keep the whole room comfortably warm. To address this, you can bring in ‘back-up heating’ by way of wall-mounted heating fixtures or bathroom radiators.

Bathroom radiators: autonomous or combined with underfloor heating

Whether you are into design or otherwise, nowadays radiators have become extremely popular in the bathroom heating segment. With good reason. Radiators come in all shapes, styles and sizes and are guaranteed to deliver powerful bathroom heating. Tip: when deciding on the radiator(s) of your choice, bear in mind the radiator size as well as its power rating. It is important it keeps the whole room nice and warm!

Or how about the best of both worlds? Combining underfloor heating and radiators is your safest best for pure and unadulterated bathroom bliss. The underfloor heating sees you maintain a comparatively low permanent temperature, whilst the radiator enables you to turn up the wick with extra heating when using the bathroom.

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