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Which electric heating should you choose for your bathroom?

Which electric heating should you choose for your bathroom?

Nowadays, some houses are so well insulated that very little heating is needed, except in the bathroom. To bring this space up to temperature quickly, you are advised to use electric heating. You must, of course, consider a few practical focus areas, but you need to make sure it looks great too...

Ladder model

The Iris-collection is a firm favourite among our clients: a simple and timeless ladder model but with a subtle finishing touch. With the choice of straight or curved, you can pick one to suit your style.


Need to take a lovely hot shower after a run? Our wifi-controlled electric bathroom radiators are controlled remotely with the Vasco Climate Control app on your smartphone. Handy eh?



If your bathroom is sleek and stylish, the Niva-EL is definitely worth a look. Understated but exceptionally classy. And so discrete you will barely notice it in the space. The Niva Mixed, a hybrid radiator, is ideal for heating the bathroom quickly when the central heating system is off.


You might want to include towel rails too. These are useful in every bathroom and also give your radiator a touch more character.


Electric heating with a sleek design

When it comes to radiators, the Oni really pushes the boundaries. It is the thinnest Vasco bathroom radiator ever, and is hyper-efficient and economical with energy. It is also practical; the recesses are ideal for easily drying towels. This daring but nevertheless minimalistic radiator immediately catches your eye as you enter the bathroom. Our favourite? The Oni O-P-EL in Mid Blue.


Still a top design: the Beams Mono. You can choose your own style, with one accent. Towel rails in different shapes and neutral colours leave the design up to you and create a playful contrast.


Need advice about electric heating in your bathroom? Don't hesitate to contact a distributor in your area.