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Insulating the walls, floor and the roof of your home is self-evident, but did you know that it pays to insulate your heating pipes? With just a minor step you can prevent significant heat loss. That is not only beneficial to your living comfort, but also for your wallet. Let us tell you why.

Insulating heating pipes = saving energy

When spaces are not or are poorly insulated or in draughty spaces, heat loss is rampant. Insulating the space itself is the first step to solving the problem, but also by insulating heating pipes you can save significant energy and money. In just a couple of months you will more than recoup the cost of the insulation material.

Choosing insulation material

Insulating your heating pipes is relatively simple. There are many ready-made plates specially designed to insulate pipes. For example, opt for pipe insulation in glass or rock wool or polythene foam. The general rule is: the thicker the insulation, the better, but also the more expensive. You can easily trim the plates by cutting them diagonally with a bread knife. If they do not have a self-adhesive, join the seams with insulation tape. Pipe insulation is really affordable and easily found at the DIY store. Anyone who is handy can wrap 6 cm glass wool perfectly around the pipes and join them with tape. It is more work, but is certainly cheaper.  

Did you know that pipe insulation also soundproofs? So you will also be less bothered by gurgling in your heating pipes. By insulating your piping you can enjoy a pleasant indoor climate in a number of ways.

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