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Do you dream of sleek, elegant radiators, but do you always come across the clumsier models in the range of horizontal radiators that would do nothing for your interior? We've got your back! We can offer you designer radiators that fit perfectly into the space under your window. Ideal if you want to save space in your home with style.

Niva: for an interior that oozes tranquillity

The Niva is a successful combination of functionality and design. This designer radiator seems to float and is available in multiple colours. It comes into its own in a minimalist interior with sharp lines and, thanks to its smooth front plate, is hardly noticeable at all.

Tip: this model is also available in a toilet version with an optional chrome-plated towel rail. Handy for hanging your guest towel!

Flatline: almost invisible

If you like a modern-style interior, you may have opted for plain white walls. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have a clumsy radiator that disrupts the calm effect? Discover the Flatline: a radiator with a flat front plate and a textured paint finish. So your radiator seems to blend with the wall.

Do you prefer to heat electrically? The innovative E-panel guarantees the same subtle effect as the Flatline.

Carré and Zana: strong lines

The Carré is the ideal designer radiator for a modern home with an artistic atmosphere. The horizontal lines optically enlarge the space and attract attention - without being overpowering. Feel free to have your Carré painted a slightly more daring colour, such as light blue or deep red, for a unique result.

The Zana, a designer radiator with vertical lines, creates almost the same effect as the Carré, but specifically oozes strength. The angular finish gives the radiator a retro look.

Or in front of your windows? Discover Primula, the plinth radiator

Are you lucky enough to have a large window pane or wall in your home? Then you may enjoy a lot of light, but you also lose some space. Where do you put all your furniture and your radiator? Primula is the ideal solution. This stylish plinth radiator has a subtle presence, but is extremely efficient. The Flatline is also available in plinth version.

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