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The bathroom is a place to unwind and forget your daily worries. A serene decor is crucial, as is a practical layout. So that when you finally lie back in the tub with your eyes closed, the only thing left to think about is relaxing. We will explain to you how a Vasco designer radiator can make that happen.

Creating a Zen feeling

Creating a total Zen feeling in your bathroom: it takes more than a lovely scented shower gel or a massage towel. Your bathroom decor should radiate absolute tranquillity:

-          Paint the walls in a neutral colour. You can never go wrong with white, but light grey, shades of beige and a soft light blue will also bring immediate calm.

-          Also, make sure to choose bathroom furniture with soft contours (so, no cumbersome black cabinets). Be sure to buy low-maintenance furniture – beware of small corners and edges! – because cleaning never made anybody feel particularly Zen, right?

-          Next, install a good ventilation system, so you always get a sense of freshness. The large quantities of moisture produced in a bathroom substantially increase the risk of mould.

-          And finally, you undoubtedly want to be nice and warm in your bathroom. If not, the relaxing effect of a hot shower will wear off very quickly indeed. Choose a radiator that does not stand out too much, but is extremely practical. The Vasco designer radiators fit this image perfectly.

Very handy, such a designer radiator with a towel rail!

Hanging your soaking wet towel out to dry immediately after use? For this, you can, among other things, use a ladder-shaped towel radiator. Most Vasco designer radiators are also available with a handy towel rail. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice on design.

Need extra storage space?

The latest addition to the Vasco collection is the Niva Bath. This radiator sits about 32 centimetres off the wall, which creates additional space for three shelves and a clothes rack. Ideal for warming your clothes and towels while you’re taking a shower.

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