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Are you planning to purchase and install new radiators? You’ll probably start by searching on your computer. We have summed up what you have to look out for if you are considering the online purchase of a radiator.

Buy radiators online from a brand with a large selection

It is always handy to buy radiators for the whole house from the same brand, so that everything can be delivered together. So go for a distributor with a large selection. That means it’s not just easy to find a radiator that meets your style demands, you’ll also find a radiator to suit every room in the house. For example, a bathroom radiator with handy storage space or a horizontal radiator for under the window. 

Check the guarantee

Of course you expect your new radiators to last for years, but what happens if a fault occurs in the product? In that case you’ll be relieved to know that you can fall back on your guarantee. So always check if you get a guarantee on your radiator of choice, and for how long the guarantee is valid. At Vasco you are always certain of a 10-year guarantee on the quality of the paint and leak-resistance of your radiator.

What is the waiting time for your new radiator?

If you are expecting your radiators to have pride of place in your home a week later, in many cases you will be disappointed. On most websites the delivery period can easily run into several weeks, or even months. Not so with Vasco: thanks to our extensive stock, we usually deliver to your wholesaler within 4 to 5 working days.

Check the radiators with your own eyes

Have you found your dream radiators online? Find out if you can see them with your own eyes in your area. Via the Vasco dealer locator you can quickly and easily find a Vasco-distributor close to home.

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