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There are always things that can be improved on the work floor. The pressure could be a little lower, internal communication could be smoother, or you may need a little more holiday time. But the physical environment in the office should also be optimal for productive and contented employees. A  ventilation system in the office can work wonders.

Avoid the ‘sick building syndrome’

Researchers at Harvard University recently came to the conclusion that employees in sustainable offices are more productive. They studied 9 elements for a healthy building and ventilation came in top at number 1!

By the way, did you know that there’s even a term for illness due to poor air quality? The so-called ‘sick building syndrome’. For employees who suffer from this, symptoms include headaches, lack of concentration, itching, lethargy… All these complaints can be attributed to their working environment.  Of course you want to prevent this, but what if your office building doesn’t have a proper ventilation system? Fortunately the solution is easier than you might think.

Decentralised ventilation

Opening a window may seem to be enough, but doesn’t count as proper ventilation. In fact, if your office building is located close to a busy road, it’s better to keep the windows closed to prevent pollution. A proper mechanical ventilation system is the only qualitative way of ventilating and is therefore a must in the office. 

If you don’t want to carry out major renovations to the office, it is best to opt for decentralised ventilation. The intake of fresh air and removal of polluted air is done with one single ventilation unit. It is not necessary to conceal air ducts as is the case with a ventilation system C or D, yet you can still optimally and efficiently ventilate with heat recovery! A decentralisation unit is simple to install in the desired space. The only condition is that the chosen space has an outside wall. After installation you can immediately enjoy wonderful fresh air at work. Do you have more questions about decentralised ventilation? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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