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3 reasons to opt for plinth heating

3 reasons to opt for plinth heating

As their name suggests, plinth radiators are long, low radiators that are fitted close to the floor. Practical? Oh yes! Read on to find out why plinth heating in your home could be the best solution for you.

Plinth heating = space saver

Whether we live in a spacious villa in the country, or in slightly less roomy conditions in a compact terraced house, or a comfortable flat, we all try and make the most of the space we have in our home. In some rooms there will be just one or two free walls, which we are keen to use to the max. Which is exactly where plinth radiators come in.

They are easy to fit underneath large glazed sections, roof windows or dormers. Plinth heating allows you to keep the other walls clear, leaving plenty of room to set up a large bookcase or wardrobe. And leaving you free to pursue that minimalist feel!

High heat output

The energy efficiency of Vasco’s latest generation of plinth radiators is nothing short of exceptional. In spite of the limited amount of volume they take up, they generate a lot of heat, delivering plenty of thermal comfort to your home. So the heat output capacity of these compact radiators is definitely one less thing to worry about!

Subtle presence

It would be hard to overstate the importance of the sea change brought about by the advent of designer radiators in the world of radiators. Over the last few decades, we have learned that radiators clearly play an inestimable part in our home interiors, and we therefore do well to go for radiators with a unique design. The same can be said of plinth heating, even though there is an additional requirement involved here: plinth radiators need to be subtle. The ideal designer plinth radiator easily blends into the room as a whole. The radiator has a visual presence and may even enhance the interior, but neither takes up a lot of space or commands a lot of attention. Unlike the cumbersome wrought iron radiators of yore, the appearance of Vasco’s plinth radiators is elegant and ageless.