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6 advantages of a dry system with underfloor heating

6 advantages of a dry system with underfloor heating

Considering installing underfloor heating in your home? Go for it! Underfloor heating is very efficient and can be installed almost anywhere. Now, all you have to do is choose between a dry or wet system. The names of these two systems relate to the installation; a dry system involves installing the pipes in pre-formed insulation plates while the pipes in a wet system are installed in a cement floor. With a dry system you enjoy all sorts of other advantages. We have set out the main benefits of a dry system below. 

1. A dry system for underfloor heating offers a short heat-up period

The insulation plates for a dry system are covered with aluminium foil and work like heat conductors. The heat-up time for this system is shorter than that of a wet system. In addition, the metal components of a dry system ensure rapid heat output and distribution.

2. The ideal system for a renovation

A dry system takes up no more than 6 centimetres in height. This is a huge advantage for renovation projects with a low construction height, new-build homes with a wooden frame and/or wooden flooring.

3. A great solution for various floor types

A dry system can be combined with various floor types: from tiles to natural stone and even parquet! For lower outputs, you can install the floor covering directly onto the Vasco plates, without a cement floor.

4. You can heat at a low temperature

The exceptional heat conducting capacity of a dry system makes low temperature heating an ideal option. You thus save on your energy bill, while your house stays nice and warm.

5. Can be combined with a sustainable heat source.

A dry system can be combined easily with a heat pump or a condensing boiler; very environmentally-friendly options.

6. It also cools

When you use a heat pump, you can also fill the pipes for the dry system with cold water. This gradually cools the floor and offers a refreshing climate during the hot summer months.   

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