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A ceiling valve that looks luxurious? It exists!

A ceiling valve that looks luxurious? It exists!

Do you attach great importance to your health and comfort? Then you probably know that a good ventilation system is indispensable. If you are afraid that ventilation grilles or valves will affect your interior, we can immediately reassure you. Discover our subtle ventilation system and beautiful ceiling valves.

What is the purpose of a ceiling valve?

When you ventilate, the polluted, damp indoor air that we produce by breathing, cooking or washing is removed and fresh outdoor air supplied. With a ventilation system C fresh air comes in through ventilation grilles in windows and doors and the polluted air disappears through valves in the ceiling. A system D is aesthetically subtler: both the supply and removal goes through the ceiling valves. A ceiling valve is connected to air channels that transport the polluted air to the ventilation unit and ultimately outside.

Yes, there are stylish solutions!

Where at one time the standard valves added very little to your interior, today you can choose from different sleek and trendy models. At Vasco, for example, we offer a round and a square ceiling valve that suits your interior. The Vasco air valves are made of aluminium and are prepainted and powder coated in white structured lacquer (RAL9016). Best of all? The valves can be painted over, so you can easily adapt them to the colour scheme of your interior.

Installing your air valve: child’s play

Your ventilation system has probably already been set by the technician. This means that the flow rates of your ventilation have already been set to the correct values for compliance with EPB legislation. But remember: even if you only replace a valve, it may disrupt the setting of the installation.

That is why the Vasco ceiling valves are equipped with a rotating system, making them easy to mount and disassemble on the balancing valve without the use of tools. So the balancing valve remains undisturbed in the ceiling or wall.