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A designer radiator in your living room: what to look out for!

A designer radiator in your living room: what to look out for!

Your living room is where you entertain guests. It is also the perfect place to enjoy some time to yourself to relax. Needless to say, we all like to fit out our living rooms with designer elements in a way that befits our personal taste. Designer radiators lend your home interior instant added value. In addition, they make sure your living room is heated efficiently and economically.

Appropriate capacity and balanced heat distribution

Work out how much heat output you require for each space before you purchase the radiators of your choice and see which radiators best deliver the output needed. To find out how much you need, the heat output capacity of a radiator is the yardstick to go by. These are the elements to bear in mind:

  • the desired temperature,
  • the size of the room,
  • the insulation value of the home.


For new-build homes we advise combining radiators with underfloor heating in the living spaces. This will give you optimum comfort and allow you to keep down the cost of heating to a minimum.

Positioning radiators in the living room

Designer radiators are available in all manner of sizes, models and colours. In terms of materials too, you are spoilt for choice. Steel, aluminium and chromed radiators all add their own exclusive touch to enhance your home interior.

Combining horizontal and vertical designer radiators allows you to heat every room in the house without losing out in terms of available space. Plinth radiators in turn are perfect in combination with large glazed sections, whereas corner radiators allow you to make the most of the space available and allow you to leave space for your furniture. The running theme throughout the narrative? Lending your interior a stylish decor without sacrificing comfort.

Designer radiators in your living room: harmony and contrast

Designer radiators will work wonders for your living room. They can be used as a harmonious element that ties the whole room together – in the same colour palette, perfectly integrated in your interior style – or can be made into the very focal point of your home interior. Smartly positioning your designer radiator and going for a complementary colour (such as a white radiator up against a dark wall), turns your designer radiator into a real eye-catcher.