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A hydraulic and electric heating system? No problem!

A hydraulic and electric heating system? No problem!

We are insulating our properties better all the time and, in turn, cutting back on our heating needs. But in some rooms, such as the bathroom, the need for heat remains the same. A radiator that is both electric and filled with water could offer a solution. 

Electric heating to provide a boost on cold days.

We are becoming increasingly aware of our energy consumption and that is good for both the environment and your pocket. In the spring or autumn or on milder winter days, we tend to switch the heating off or switch to a much lower setting. If you opt for a semi-electric radiator such as the Iris Blower Mixed and the Aster Blower Mixed, you won't end up shivering in rooms where you still need a warmer temperature. On really cold winter days, the electric Blower that is pre-mounted on the radiator will offer a heat-boost so you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

A semi-electric radiator: extra warm

Both the Iris Blower Mixed and the Aster Blower Mixed are supplied with the tried-and-tested Vasco design valve set and connect to your heating installation via the central connector. The overall heat output from these radiators is higher than a regular hydraulic radiator, as the Blower has an additional heat output of 1000 watt, over and above the heat of the radiator itself. Shivering in a cold bathroom for the first few minutes is therefore a thing of the past.

Accessories for your heating device

We have developed various handy accessories for the Iris Blower Mixed and Aster Blower Mixed, including a handy drying and stacking rack for drying wet clothes or damp towels. Or how about a simple towel rail, so the messier members of the household can easily tidy their towels away? Our radiators are available in a whole host of colours. You are certain to find a model that suits your bathroom!

We’re happy to help

Want to know more about the combination of a water-filled and an electric radiator or are you looking for other heating advice? Find a Vasco dealer in your neighbourhood.