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Accessories for your radiators: design and functionality

Accessories for your radiators: design and functionality

Vasco radiators exude warmth. Not just literally; they also add an authentic, warm touch to your interior. With the right accessories, your radiator can provide comfort, ambiance and luxury. At Vasco, you will find stylish towel rails and drying racks that seamlessly combine with our designer radiators.

Sleek towel rail accessories

It’s never a good idea to place wet items, such as towels and clothing, over your radiator. It’s not only dangerous - due to the fire risk - it also stops the heat getting out. A towel rail is a handy accessory which allows you to dry your towels easily and in an energy-efficient way. So you will always have a cosy, warm towel when you step out of the bath or shower. Lovely!


Our towel accessories are both functional and stylish. Choose an example that fits into your interior. You could choose a square or rectangular model, but also a curved design or a sleek bracket in chrome. There’s something for everyone!

Extra luxury with Multi+

For those who like the finer things in life, there is the luxurious Multi+ collection. The bracket seems to float on your radiator thanks to the invisible fixings. Multi+ accessories are suitable for hanging a towel but there is also an integrated plate for soap, for example. Really handy for your bathroom or kitchen.

Removable dryer and stacker

If you need to dry clothes, a collapsible dryer and stacker is a great choice. Hang it wherever you like: on your radiator in the living room, in the corridor, bedroom or bathroom. Once everything has dried, just take the drying rack off your radiator. Or leave it where it is, the choice is yours. Our dryer and stacker are a delight for the eyes.

The right accessories for your radiators

Whichever radiator or style you choose, at Vasco you will find matching accessories. Go to our webshop and pick your Vasco radiator. You will then see which accessories are suitable. Prefer to seek the advice of a professional? Visit a Vasco dealer.