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Beige radiators old fashioned? Not if you go for a design radiator

Beige radiators old fashioned? Not if you go for a design radiator

Anyone who thinks of an old-fashioned house may quickly think of floral curtains, a hefty carpet, wallpaper on the walls and... beige radiators? The latter, however, can offer a stylish, modern look if you choose wisely. Discover design radiators in natural colours by Vasco!

A minimalist radiator for a subtle interior

Are you a fan of modern, minimalist interiors but feel that the black/white trend is just too severe? Design radiators in natural colours offer a happy medium. They provide a subtle look to your interior and fit perfectly into the Scandinavian trend of wood, rattan and natural elements. However, natural colours can be showcased in a rural home with a modern twist too. At Vasco, you can also choose from various shades of beige, from tints that are nearly grey (Sand) to a beige that is almost off-white (Cream White).

A few stylish radiators in natural colours

Most design radiators from Vasco come in various colours, from simple white to daring purple. But also beige. These models are definitely worth a look:

-          The Beams and other aluminium radiators, such as the Alu-Zen and the Oni. Aluminium radiators are lighter than traditional steel radiators and are therefore easier to install. Aluminium is also rust-resistant and a great conductor of heat.

-          The Niva is a state-of-the-art design radiator and is hugely popular. Anyone who loves a gentle interior can opt for the Niva Soft with rounded corners.

-          The Carré and Zana have a more authentic appearance, with straight, square pipes. Both models are also available in semi-circular variants.

-          The Viola has a front panel with simple lines and exudes more than a touch of class.

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