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Building an extension onto your home? Don’t forget the ventilation

Building an extension onto your home? Don’t forget the ventilation

When you build an extension onto your home, insulation is probably high on your priority list. But remember: ventilation is just as important in a well-insulated home. We will run through a few things you should not lose sight of when you put a ventilation system into your extension.

Why put ventilation into your extension?

If you thought you had to really do something out of the ordinary before you had to deal with damp or mould problems, then think again. Usually it’s daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, showering and DIY that increase the level of moisture in the house. So you should assume that ventilation is needed wherever you live - even in your extension. In that way, you provide a continuous supply of fresh air and you can enjoy a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

NB: your extension must comply with the regulations for new buildings

When you carry out new building or renovation work, you must take into account the strict EPB-requirements. It is worth knowing that these requirements differ for new buildings and renovations. But what about an extension? In general, an extension is considered to be a new building, and so the same ventilation standards apply.

Choose a mechanical ventilation system

What do those EPB requirements for new constructions mean? Every home must be equipped with a ventilation system that allows you to supply or dispose of 3.6m³ of air per hour per square meter of floor space. It is up to you which ventilation system you use to achieve that. Although a mechanical ventilation system is not mandatory, it is recommended if you want to meet the standards and save energy. A mechanical ventilation system D with heat recovery is specially designed to keep your energy bill as low as possible. So that type of system soon pays for itself!

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