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Buying a radiator: the practical step-by-step plan

Buying a radiator: the practical step-by-step plan

Looking for a radiator that is the perfect match for your wish list in terms of capacity, dimensions as well as looks? Follow our step-by-step plan and find out which type of radiators are your safest bet to efficiently heat your home with stylish radiators.

Which radiator for which space?

In your quest for the right radiators for your home, the overriding factor is the kind of room where they are to be fitted. In the kitchen, where space is usually at a premium, you are better off with a space-saving model, such as an elegant vertical radiator.

In your living room, on the other hand, you are likely to have more space, which means horizontal as well as vertical radiators are definitely an option. The living room is also the space par excellence where you may like to have an eye-catching designer radiator. A great fit that will blend in with a harmonious or minimalist interior style!

In the bathroom, vertical as well as horizontal radiators can be very practical. Have your radiators fitted somewhere strategic and fit them with a gorgeous designer towel rail which will give you snug and warm towels or pyjamas at any time.

Which capacity?

The next step is to look at the radiator’s heat capacity. The heat delivery or the heat output of the radiator is expressed in watts. Is your dream radiator’s heat capacity up to the volume of the room where you are thinking of having it fitted? Needless to say the size of the radiator has a lot to do with this. The bigger the room, the more or the bigger the radiators you will need.

Which material?

The final key factor is the material the radiators are made of. Nowadays, ‘new generation’ lightweight radiators are all the rage. Gone are the days of cumbersome cast-iron radiators. They have been superseded by light and elegant heating units in steel or aluminium.