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Calculate how much heat you need with Vasco’s product configurator

Calculate how much heat you need with Vasco’s product configurator

Buying a suitable radiator can be a challenge. How to find your way around the extensive range of appliances out there? Should you look at design first or make capacity a top priority? We hear you. At Vasco, we find both criteria equally important. That is why we’ve developed a handy product configurator that, on the one hand, enables you to calculate how much heat each room requires, and on the other, helps you pick a radiator that fits your interior perfectly.

Calculate heat output using the product configurator

The Vasco product configurator is an online tool that calculates, in a few clicks, the heat output required to warm up one or more rooms. Here’s how it works! Before starting your calculation, the configuration will ask you to give your project a name. Next, you’ll need to answer a few simple questions about your home’s insulation and the type of ventilation you have. Once you’ve entered your location, the tool will take your place of residence into account as well to calculate the heat emission as accurately as possible. In a final step, you can indicate specific properties for each space, including the height of the room and how many windows there are. Then it’s just another push of a button to find out the ideal wattage for your future radiator to reach the desired temperature in a particular room.

Pick your radiator

But it doesn’t end there just yet. In a second phase, the Vasco product configurator takes things a step further by helping you to choose a specific radiator. Upon calculating the required wattage, the configurator will give you a complete overview of designer radiators that have the correct heat output. The rest is just a matter of personal taste! You can filter the radiators by type (water/electric), placement (horizontal/vertical) and material (steel/aluminum) to view all your best options. To conclude with the icing on the cake: the dealer locator indicates which Vasco distributors have your dream radiator in stock. Finding the perfect radiator has never been so easy!