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Choosing a heated towel rail: the options are endless

Choosing a heated towel rail: the options are endless

When you hear the term ‘heated towel rail’, you probably only think of one type of radiator. However, there are plenty of options, even very stylish ones, for drying your towel on a radiator. Had you ever heard of the system below, for example? There's something for everyone!

Not just a ladder-style radiator 

The typical heated towel rail is a classic, white ladder-style radiator. You hang your towels over the various rungs on the ladder. That is, without doubt, a very useful system but a whole range of ladder radiator designs is now available. There are modern variants, such as the Carré Bad. With its architectural finish and a choice of over fifty colours, you can match your bathroom to the latest trends. Those who love a statement, could go for ladder radiators in chrome. Contemporary elegance with a twist!

Find out more about the towel bar 

If you'd rather not have a ladder-style radiator in your bathroom, there is another way to ensure your towels are kept warm and dry. Vasco’s designer radiators offer the option of adding a towel bar. This practical accessory not only ensures your towels dry quicker, but also retains the elegance of your interior. They are also space-saving as you don’t need a separate towel rail.

Want to go a step further? Then how about the Multi+? Not only the ultimate radiator accessory, but also a handy element for adapting the look of your radiator to your tastes and creating your own accents.

Is a radiator with recesses the solution?

Perhaps you prefer minimalism? Then you have the option of a designer model with a recess in which you can place your towel, such as the paper-thin Oni. You can choose one or two recesses, depending on the number of towels that you need to dry.