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Choosing designer radiators for the bathroom: the complete guide

Choosing designer radiators for the bathroom: the complete guide


The perfect radiator for your bathroom? Needless to say you want it to look a treat. A stunning slice of design, which perfectly complements your bathroom. But there is more to it than that. With the price of energy constantly climbing, you obviously want a radiator that not only looks the part but also heats your bathroom to optimum effect. In short, be sure to include the three focal points below on your checklist: 

1. Determining the output of your bathroom radiator

The first thing to calculate is the amount of output your future radiator will require to properly heat your bathroom. The heat output needed depends on the volume of the space, the temperature you prefer (experts recommend 24 °C for bathrooms) and the standard to which your home has been insulated.

Were you aware that the required heat output of the radiators is some fifteen percent higher in homes that fail to meet current insulation standards?

2. Go for an aluminium radiator

Most radiators are made from sheet steel, cast iron or aluminium. With bathrooms being moist and humid environments – you guessed – aluminium radiators are the best choice. Aluminium is not only rust-resistant, it is also much lighter than sheet steel and cast iron. So you know it is safe to mount your aluminium radiator on a tiled wall with full peace of mind. But there’s more! Vasco’s aluminium radiators are very quick to heat up which means just this feature alone saves you a lot of energy.

3. Do not forget the towel radiator

Hanging up your soaking wet towel to dry right after you have used it? That is exactly what towel radiators are for! Older models are best combined with regular radiators or underfloor heating, but nowadays most towel radiators have an output of around 1500 Watts, which means they are more than capable of heating a typical bathroom all by themselves. Did you know that a lot of Vasco radiators are also available with towel rails